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We listen.

We work with you, your values and your team.

We apply our knowledge, expertise and tool kit.

We start by understanding what you want to achieve and then work with the end in mind.  We employ our own values of honesty, fairness and try always to leave every stakeholder in a better position than where we found them.  By implication this means adding value.  That is what we do.

We listen, understand, deploy and add value.​

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Gilston, Harlow

At Cost Plan Consulting we really enjoy doing what we do and we learnt a long time ago to stick to what you know. 


With over thirty years' complimentary experience in a myriad of different construction arenas on all sides of the fence, we are best placed to share our experience, along with new techniques and tools, to bring projects home... on time, to the desired quality, for the right cost giving optimum value.

We have found that clients want proper advice that provides proper value.

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